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/ahFOO-ah dEb-ruh/

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Hello World! I'm Afua Deborah, a Front-End Web Developer based out of Toronto. From choreography on a stage to lines of code on a web page, I love combining the worlds of logic and creative design to make eye-catching, accessible, and user-friendly websites and applications.

Technology leads, society follows. The move towards increasing inclusivity and diversity in the industry through representation is of importance to me.

I'm excited to make the leap and continue refining my skills with the right company. Drop me a line and/or your favourite restaurant in Toronto in the contact form below or check me out at:


  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • JavaScript + ES6

  • Sass

  • jQuery


  • React

  • Firebase

  • Git

  • Terminal

  • Responsive

  • Accessibility

Current Projects

Skills grow. So will this portfolio.

Mockup of Vanilla JS Store on 15 inch Macbook Pro


Is your eyeliner on fleek?

An online store made with Vanilla JS (no external libraries!). Shop, add to your cart, and see your total. Products come from Makeup API.

Made With

Got Music?

Turn it up and turn up.

A music catalog made with React that allows you search your favourite artist's top albums. Albums come from Lastfm API. Designed using UI principles from Scrimba's UI/UX course.

Made With

Mockup of Got Music? on 15 inch Macbook Pro


Mockup of In My Feelings on 15 inch Macbook Pro

In My Feelings

What's got you in your feelings?

A journal and quiz app that selects a Drake album to play for the user based on input about their mood. Albums come from the API.

Made With

To Do In TO

What's the plan?

An event app that grabs entertainment events in Toronto from the Ticketmaster API for a user-selected date. Paired programming with .

Made With

Mockup of To Do in TO on 15 inch Macbook Pro
Mockup of Ride the Wave on 15 inch Macbook Pro

Ride the Wave

What's your a e s t h e t i c?

Quiz app which chooses the user's aesthetic from user-selected options to questions.

Made With

Everyday Life With Harper

Mulit-page PSD conversion made using a client brief and design files. Responsive across devices.

Made With

Mockup of Everyday Life With Harper on 15 inch Macbook Pro
Mockup of Tasty on 15 inch Macbook Pro


PSD conversion made from client brief and design files using floats for layout. Responsive across devices.

Made With

Contact Me

If you have any questions about me or my projects, or (politely) argue about the best albums of the 2010s, I'm your girl!

I'm available to grab a coffee and chat! Drop a comment, question, concern, or Spotify playlist, and thanks for stopping by!

Straight shot to my inbox:

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